Are you brave enough to board the spaceship and leave the Earth?


Spaceship is a large-scale and ambitious space simulator project, where you and a team of players get thrown into the action onboard a spacecraft. Each player must take on a specific crew member role that comes with their own set of responsibilities. Working together, your fellow space crew will take an unforgettable journey full of danger, challenges and amazing discoveries.

Far into unknown space, you will collide into spectacular battles and interstellar mysteries, encounter inhabitants of thousands of planets and hundreds of space stations and so much more!

Our highly qualified specialists have been working on the project's in-game mechanics and gameplay to ensure a uniquely out-of-this-world experience.

New generation graphics, enhanced sound effects, and well-elaborated stories bring the Spaceship a short flight away from reality.

And the best part is that you are the one who brings it to life! The ship, your crew, and the cosmos come alive in your hands.

Are you brave enough to board the spaceship Proxy and leave the Earth?